If it weren’t for the Tea Party

If it weren’t for the Tea Party, we might be a different country!

 Help your children understand why the Tea Party-and the whole American Revolution-is so important to the world we live in today…
“Don’t Tread On Me” is the famous motto that’s emblazoned on a bright yellow flag, just below an image of a fierce rattlesnake that’s ready to strike. Simple and direct, this historic flag represents the fight against big government.
And that’s likely the main reason this flag has enjoyed a renaissance as an adopted symbol of the Tea Party movement, making its appearance at recent Tea Party rallies all across the country. Designed by and named after American General Christopher Gadsen, it was the first flag ever carried into battle by the United States Marine Corps during the American Revolution.
When I think about today’s Tea Party, I can’t help but be reminded of the brave and defiant stance our founding fathers took against the British government as they levied taxes against the colonists to pay for British debts incurred during the French & Indian War. Discontent over taxes on everyday necessities like sugar and tea, to taxes on legal documents, currency, newspapers and even playing cards infuriated the colonists and led to the establishment of organizations such as the Sons of Liberty and the Daughters of Liberty—organizations that I suppose you could compare to today’s Tea Party.
Speaking of the Tea Party, the original event—that is, the Boston Tea party—is just one of the many subjects your children and grandchildren will get to learn about in the latest DVD from the Learn Our History series. The DVD, entitled “The Birth Of A Revolution,” helps kids understand everything that the founding fathers and colonists endured as they struggled for religious freedom and independence from Great Britain and King George III.
Beginning with the many demonstrations at the infamous Liberty Tree in Boston all the way through to the Boston Tea Party and beyond, young viewers will learn how the colonists came together in protest of over the British government’s actions. And even though they’re watching a story that’s over 200 years old, they’ll be learning important concepts and ideals about a fair government that are still relevant to this day.
James Otis is probably best known for saying “taxation without representation is tyranny.” In “The Birth Of A Revolution,” children will learn what that means and how big government is often unjustly imposing. Besides the many taxes forced onto the colonists, the Intolerable Acts instituted by the British government only served to strengthen the colonists’ resistance. For children, “The Birth Of A Revolution” DVD reinforces the importance of standing up for what is right and voicing one’s opinion, even in the face of adversity. And because it’s set to an entertaining storyline that features the adveture-loving kids from TimeCycle Academy, your children will love to learn about the American Revolution.
Your kids and grandkids will discover all the major players who contributed to the Revolution including Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock and Patrick Henry, to name a few. They’ll learn how the colonists were inspired by biblical events and how they broke with England to form a new democratic republic unlike any before in history.
Children will discover the fascinating story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride and how he alerted the colonists to approaching British forces, just hours before the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ at Concord and Lexington which marked the start of the Revolutionary War.
Why not share the important messages in Learn Our History’s “The Birth Of A Revolution” with your family today? Now, for a limited time, you can purchase “The Birth Of A Revolution” for your family for only $9.95. You’ll have a full 90 days to watch the DVD. If you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, you can return it for a full refund of your purchase price. So go ahead and help the children in your family to understand the events that inspired one of today’s most important movements.

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