To The Walker County Tea Party

 By Roger Hill
The Walker County Tea Party is a delegation that is affiliated with the Rainy Day Patriots of Shelby County Alabama.  The Rainy Day Patriot organization was founded in Shelby County/Hoover Alabama area in February 2009 and has eight other delegations, Jasper, Mobile, Montgomery, Wedowee, Anniston, Cullman, Tuscaloosa and Winston County. These delegations throughout Alabama are composed of 12,100 members at this time.  Our local Jasper organization is composed of 300 members and was founded here in Jasper in April 2010 by Roger Hill and Joe Kelley.
     The engine that is driving this Tea Party Organization is an engine of people like you and I and the millions of others that have been, “closet patriots”.  We’ve sat back and done absolutely nothing, while the self centered fat cat tax rats in Washington and throughout the country,  in both political parties have grown our beloved country into a slave master and guess who the slaves are.  They take without asking, they approve without approval, they just mandate and steal our money, then use it in a completely ridiculous manner.  We would not spend our own money unwisely as they have for so many years.  If someone came into you house in the middle of the night, held a gun to your head, demanded your money, but indicated that they would distribute it wisely and effectively in your name, would you think that to be fair and honest?  That is what is happening today, we do not have any defense or ability to say no, much less representatives to fight for us.
     The Republicans had complete control for years and what did they do, nothing.  They could have balanced the budget, reduced the size of government and unnecessary  regulations, voted no to new taxes, addressed the illegal immigration problem and on and on.   Now the Democrats have gone completely crazy attempting to socialize the entire country, and finally, the silent “closet patriots” have had enough!  The millions of people that have responded to this uprising are evidence that there is something really rotten in Washington DC and we have to fight back.
     Politicians are an unbelievable group of people.  They create all of these unnecessary programs / taxes, grow the government into this present day monster and then campaign against them come election time.  The only way we can correct this problem of corrupt lifer politicians is numbers, numbers, numbers at the ballot box.  We must take out the trash, and establish term limits.
     This uprising is only about a year old and our numbers are growing every day.  All of the politicians, both parties, are taking note and believe me they are afraid of loosing their control.  Witnessed by the recent Republican Young Guns Contract with the Republicans, it reads like a Tea Party Mission Statement.  You are going to continue to see attacks against our organization from all directions in attempts to make us look less of a factor in order to downgrade our existence.  You’ll see more left wing media bashing, more democratic party name calling (racism and etc), and more republicans attempting to associate themselves with the movement.  The closer to the elections in November we get, the more of this you will see.
     We need to support the Republican party but what our goal should be is to elect a “TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN”.   We do not want to divide the Republican Party and cause the Ross Pero effect.  Our Tea Party is the Republican Party on steroids.  We are essentially the AMERICAN PARTY, if a Democrat, Libertarian or Independent feels  that our values suit them and their beliefs we welcome them to our ranks with open arms.
     We intend to “fundamentally change” our government back to what is absolutely right.  All the ammunition you need to win this fight is the Holy Bible, Ten Commandments and the US Constitution.  Just use and familiarize yourself with our mission statement of Fiscal Responsibly, Smaller Government, Free Markets (Pure Capitalism), Conservative Constitutionalism.  Learn and use this as your ammunition when approached by our opposition.
     What we need to do is stay the course.  Do not listen to or even more importantly, believe all that you hear negative about our movement.  Do not let others sway or distract us from reaching our goals.  Our direction, goals and course of action is to grow our organization here in Walker Countywith like minded individuals.  By growing our group we will eventually gain strength both financially and politically.  I am already seeing the change in the way all of the democrats and republicans are viewing our organization.  I am personally not in this thing for personal gain or power. As a matter of fact this “political coming out” has cost me a lot of money, but I am committed.   I want this group to have an influence on others that indoctrinates them with our beliefs and motivates them to work hard in the same endeavor.
  The organization that we have started here in Walker County and the individuals that have stepped up to guide this thing are fantastic intelligent individuals.  No organization, business or political can run effectively without the proper management and dedication.  We have all the tools and if we do not loose focus this thing will spread like a good virus, killing all the socialist cells in our country’s body on the road to wellness again.  Please don’t get discouraged, keep the faith and commit yourself to lead your community to the “WALKER COUNTY TEA PARTY“.

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