Objectives of Tea Party

Walker County Tea Party Delegation of the Rainy Day Patriots solemnly swears/affirms to toil and sacrifice to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, So Help Us God.

  • We will rely/trust the ballot box for peaceful change and not condone violence. Only as a last resort, when the ballot box is destroyed, will the taking up of arms be necessary.
  • We recognize that, the President and many current sitting Congressmen, Senators and Representatives have acted in violation of the United States Constitution.
  • We will commit our hearts and souls in prayer to defeat the unprincipled politicians at all levels of government, of any party, who have broken their oath of office.
  • We will develop our own grass roots groups in Walker County, throughout the State of Alabama and the Nation that will speak and act with one voice to elect conservative, principled servants of the people and the Constitution.
  • We will focus our efforts on replacing politicians at any level who have violated their oath of office and are more interested in remaining in office than the good of the people.
  • We will encourage all candidates for office and incumbent politicians to abide by the Tea Party Core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets.  We want restoration of our Constitution and it’s values, smaller government and reduced taxation.
  • We will oppose a politician on strictly a political basis.  We will not say or do anything that is detrimental  as to their family or religion.
  • We will aggressively oppose government policies, decisions and mandates that are anti-American, socialist, communist, or not within the bounds of the Constitution.
  • We will develop a plan for the wholesale removal from office of politicians that violate the trust of the citizens and their oath of office.
  • We will ask each candidate to take an oath to conservative and constitutional government before receiving our support.  Signing our Contract for Candidates.
Make no mistake, The Walker County Tea Party  members will not waste time personally attacking (family, religion, etc) politicians but we will aggressively attack the liberal, socialist, anti-America positions, policies, and decisions being made by the Obama Administration,  United States Congress and all other politicians at all levels that violate their oath to the Constitution of the United States.Do everything possible to develop and participate in a “likeminded unified/massed force” grass roots effort across America that will speak and act with one voice to secure constitutional, conservative, republic principled servants elected to the US Congress in 2010 and the State of Alabama.

One of our long term objective is to raise up conservative, constitutional candidates for every House of Representative and Senate race/seat beginning in 2012. This is not to say there are not a few, a handful, of conservative representatives currently elected, but they also should have opposition. If nothing else, to hold them accountable, and second, to be an additional voice to spread the message of “Constitutional Restoration In 2010 Or A Second American Revolution in 2011 and 2012”.

If we are effective and continue to place pressure on all levels of government, you will see that all politicians will try to convince you that they are all conservative and are Tea Party Supporters.  We must be vigilant,  we will be seeing wolves in sheep clothing that want to attach themselves to our cause.  We must make absolutely sure the candidates we support, truly reflect our values and are willing to live by them.


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