Has anything changed?

by Stewart Topping
During the last 3 years we have had change. But the wrong kind of change!  More unemployedhigher prices with food,clothing, Insurance and Gas. It is very difficult to save anymore, most are just getting by.EPA …. Has gone over board with regulating Power companies which will cost us more for our electric power. I hear they are going to regulate dust.

Board of Labor Relations …. Tell Companies they can not relocate because the new State has a right to work law. This is protection of labor Unions.
  • Businesses … More regulations, more taxes, more requirements for health care. Very difficult to hire new people.
  • Unemployment …. Nationally 9.7%, but unemployed is actually 16.6%
  • Taxes … You know the rich and the middle class will pay more.
  1. 20% of mortgages are underwater (homeowners owe more than the value of their home).
  2. Banks own 500,000 houses and are in the process of foreclosing on 4 million more.
  3. Homeowner’s equity as a share of home values is now 38.6%, down from 59.7% in 2005.

Politicians just don’t tell the truth anymore, they tell you what they think you want to hear. It is hard to know what the real problems are in our country with all the lies and cover up’s. But We should recycle the legislators in the house and senate with people that will put the American people first.  I would leave the Tea Party legislators that were elected in the last election, they have done well but they need a Senate and White House that would help them get things done.  Here is an article that says that even the liberal Media and the Congressional Black Caucus are turning on President Obama.  He may not have any friends left.

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