We’re No Longer Alone: Obama’s Tax Lies Refuted Throughout Media

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Do you remember (it wasn’t that long ago) when Barack Obama told the “rich fat cats” on Wall Street…? This is back during the days of the AIG and other Wall Street bonus scandal, and you had all of Obama’s ACORN-type people showing up on the front yards of AIG homes to protest their bonuses. Remember Obama telling the AIG people and all the other, quote, unquote, “rich fat cats” on Wall Street that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks? Well, guess what? Now it is only Obama’s skin color that is standing between him and the pitchforks of the Congressional Black Caucus. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are openly admitting: If this were a white president who had done this economically to their constituents, they would be marching on the White House.
The only reason they’re not is because of the color of his skin. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have said this. Now, the columnist in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, is a guy named Steve Chapman, Steven Chapman, and the last column that he wrote about Obama was back in August. Back in August he said that Obama had accomplished undeniably historic, even great things. He killed Osama, he’s getting us out of Iraq, he passed Obamacare. The only problem was the economy made him look bad. He said the economy even made Ronald Reagan look bad. Suddenly Chapman’s changed his tune. He thinks Obama has to go, in just a month’s time. Steven Chapman has changed his tune. Obama has to go for the good of the party, for the good of liberalism. That is what is at stake.  Read more >>>>

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