Appeals court overturns Day of Prayer ban

By Valerie Richardson The Washington Times

Judges say atheists suffered no harm

A federal appeals court Thursday threw out a ruling that would have prohibited the president from declaring a National Day of Prayer, in a decision that cheered social conservatives and occasioned much wailing and gnashing of teeth by groups advocating a strict separation of church and state.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation announced that it would seek a rehearing by the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a three-judge panel ruled against its challenge to the 1952 law, which instructs the president to issue a proclamation encouraging citizens to pray.

The Chicago-based court ruled that the organization lacked standing because it suffered no harm. It noted that the proclamation requires the president only to take action and does not compel any individual to pray “any more than a person would be obliged to hand over his money if the president asked all citizens to support the Red Cross or other charities. Read More

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