This Memorial Day, Don’t Forget Drilling

David Holt: 

As American motorists fill up their gas tanks before hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, headline-grabbing sticker shock is sure to follow. … more

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  1. GRock says:

    Of course I believe in “Drill here Drill now Pay less”. The stock market is correcting and speculative money in oil is leaving as well as leaving the market in general. What does that mean. Oil is headed down! Oil does respond to supply and demand dynamics like anything else but the hedge fund industry can run it up beyond this dynamic. Money is currently leaving the markets and the dollar is gaining strength and all commodities are dropping in price because of this (oil included). This correction process will probably go on all summer at least, and I expect some easing of the price of gas at the pump. This is a good thing but if the market heads down in a deeper correction phase then as leading economic indicator it will be signaling a down turn in the economy (a bad thing).GRock

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