Update From Holly Trawick .. Assistant Director of Public Relations Bevill State Community College

Good morning!

Bevill State has scheduled an employee volunteer day on Monday, March 16. We have a crew of around 8-10 people scheduled to work with Richard Ruble from the EMA doing yard cleanup work. Most of these volunteers are women and are not able to use chainsaws during the cleanup work. If you have a willing spirit and chainsaw skills and would like to work with us on Monday, please let me know (310-3189). We are meeting at the Jasper campus side parking lot at 7:30 am and plan to be out working by 8 am until 5 pm. Richard give us assigned yards/areas at 7:30. If you have an hour or two or three, we would love the help!

(In addition to the yard cleanup, we will also be working at the Salvation Army warehouse and “flea market” sites and the temporary animal shelter.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

“I have inherited a belief in community, the promise that a gathering of the spirit can both create and change culture. In the desert, change is nurtured even in stone by wind, by water, through time.”  – Terry Tempest Williams

Holly Trawick
Assistant Director of Public Relations
Bevill State Community College
Ph: 205-387-0511 ext. 5715
Fax: 205-387-5159
Cell: 205-310-3189

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