Underemployment at 19 Percent, Unchanged in a Year

Mike Shedlock

The most recent Gallup survey pegs US unemployment at 9.2%. That is not significantly different from the BLS report at 9.0%. However, the Gallup numbers are not seasonally adjusted the BLS unemployment rate is.

Comparing not seasonally adjusted numbers, Gallup shows a .2 percentage point drop in the last year while the BLS reports an improvement of .8 percentage points. Month after month the BLS is consistently lower. Counting part-time workers the Gallup results are even worse.

Gallup Pegs Underemployment at 19.1%, Same as 1 Year Ago

Please consider Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 9.2% in Mid-May    Read More

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  1. GRock says:

    Below is a link to Shadow Stats. Gallop does a nice job in reporting statistics. The BLS figures are grossly distorting the unemployment picture. Over the past few decades the BLS has changed how it reports unemployment and gives one a distorted and more rosy picture than actually exists. (You mean they actually do that? LOL) Shadow Stats is a fund/hedge fund site that uses government statistic as well as other sources to get a true reading on the economy giving subscribers an edge when investing client money. A better reading is the population to employment ratio which stands at around 23% unemployed! During the 1930's this figure was 25%. (This includes part time works who want full time). Now if it were not for 43 million on food stamps we would see food lines like the 1930's everywhere.http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-chartsYou can click through many links on this site for their free statsGRock

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