A Message we should Follow next year … Election 2012


This is a great message for all Freedom loving Americans from Zan Green of the Rainy Day Patriots.  The Tea Party has been hit hard and it would seem that the air has been let out of the cause which is right and just.  Please read this letter and get ready for the battle next year.  It’s for your Country, your Children’s and your Grand Children’s.  Do not give up with excuses but prepare for the greatest battle of the Tea party.



Fellow Patriots,


As another year closes, it might seem that the war we are fighting for our personal freedoms is being lost, and that those who want to crush our still young country are the ones winning. Although it has been a long hard slog, a brutal battle against the never ending political attacks and the sing-song chorus of the left-leaning media’s distorted messages, we the people still stand defiant.

There is a desperate need of a strong leader who can be entrusted to lead our country. So with trudging determination, and an indomitable spirit with unflappable energy, the Tea Party must continue to step up; leading in small groups, often unfunded and in an unorganized fashion, but leading all the same. We must succeed where the elected officials have failed. Remember George Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day, cold and with little hope.

We face the same tyranny, the same usurpation of our liberties.  It’s almost Christmas and we face this coming New Year with challenges, high hurdles, and more battles. The war will be won, we will Restore our Country.  We are Tea Party, and we will accept no less.  George Washington gave hope and a renewed morale with his Christmas Day Miracle.  Let us renew our spirits, our commitment, and our energies.  Let us restore faith in our movement and our mission this Christmas Season.  Let us look forward to the New Year with positive energy and determination to solidify our Liberties and recapture our Beloved Country.

We have no other option; we have no mission more important.  We have no one else to look to, no George Washington to cross the frozen landscape in our stead. We are the ragged army, the shoeless soldiers; we must be the ones to take the lead, the determined, and the miracle makers.


To you and your family,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Zan Green, RainyDayPatriots.org Tea Party

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